Goal setting and weight loss

Setting a goal for weight loss can be daunting, this post gives you help in making your personal goals become reality.


We all have goals or things we want,  to look like Jennifer Aniston, have a defined stomach, lose two stone, fit in your clothes etc etc. But most of the time we don’t achieve these because we don”t sit down and set our goals! So firstly let’s look at why it’s important to set goals. It helps you to focus on what you want, by writing it down you realise how important it is to you, how realistic it is, what sort of timescale you can expect and how you can achieve it. How many times have you thought of something you want to achieve but you put it off or get distracted by other things in life? Goal setting motivates you to keep trying at your goal, stops you getting distracted by obstacles in life or puts action in place to reduce any obstacles.


Goal setting I have found is all about questions! Once we know the answers to the following questions that’s a great start and a good way to recognise your thought process around your goal. Tip: Aim for around 1-2lbs loss per week for safe, healthy and lasting weight loss.

I’ve answered the questions as an example!


What is your personal goal? To lose 6lbs (get down to 9 stone) before I can eat pizza again! (Husband will be trying to lose 7lbs)

Why do you want to achieve this?Pizza is my downfall, I’d like to reduce how much I eat of it and lose weight

Is it realistic? (Is it healthy?) Yes, I will still be within a ‘healthy’ BMI for my height

How will you know you have achieved this?I will weigh myself once a week

Achievable timescale? 3-4 weeks

Start date:  18th June 2014 Proposed end date 16th July 2014

Weekly target 2lbs a week

Possible obstacles to weekly targets If my husband doesn’t achieve the goal or give up, seeing friends on a sunday night (where we normally have pizza or kebab!)

Three Methods to reduce the obstacles:

1) Eat a big healthy meal sunday afternoon

2) Take healthy snacks with me at all times.

3) Write down current weight on the kitchen notice board to remind me of my goal

How committed are you to achieving your weekly targets? (1 Not very- 10 Extremely)

Very, 8.5!

Would you require help, if so how and who? My husband will be doing the challenge with me and won’t be eating pizza until we have both achieved our goals!


Unfortunately I still have 2.5lbs to lose! I did not account for the amount of BBQs my husband and I would have with friends and family due to the nice weather! See, I am human I slip up and make mistakes! But rather than giving up now because I didn’t achieve my goal in the time frame set, I will just extend the time to another 1-2weeks (30th July 2014). I will however add/change my methods of avoiding obstacles. It will be more difficult now as I go away on holiday for a couple of days. But I have added extra targets: walking for 30 minutes a day, go surfing at least two days whilst away and not to eat bread at BBQs! I’ll let you know how I get on!

Another idea to help you visualise your weight loss is using a chart like this I created for my clients (draw a little icon like a star for each week):


Pounds lost each week Week
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


What’s your goals? Do you have anything that you’ve used in the past that helps you achieve your goal? Do tell us your thoughts and ideas!


Healthy regards,


Leigh Scott




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