Thought process during running

So after doing a half marathon I wanted to discuss our thought process during running! I have random thoughts, positive thoughts, negative thoughts and times where I just get ‘in the zone.’ I realised it is important what your thoughts are while running as this has an effect on your motivation. So why I did the half marathon…I’m just going to quickly go through the build up to the half marathon…. Roughly this time last year I could not really run non-stop for longer than 5 minutes; yet I could do the Insanity DVDs or swim for 20 minutes. I just HATED running, I preferred ‘proper sports’ or HIIT workouts! But I started running to improve my fitness and challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone. After I completed the “Men’s Health survival of the fittest” in October 2014 I set out to train for the marathon. I could get up to 6 miles/10k, but then I had a chest infection! Just as I was recovering over Christmas, I started running again but only managing 2 miles. I then get a bad cold! So again after a week off, mid January I tried again! I managed to get back up to 6miles/10k, then it went up to 8 miles. But I kept getting pain in my left shoulder, having to run through it all the time. As time went on and my mileage was sticking to 8 miles-I started getting left knee pain. I had a sports massage-she managed to get LOADS of knots worked out of my back from my right side! (Weird hey?) So now I could run minus the shoulder pain YAY! I trained up to 10 miles and even managed to practise a hill on the marathon route. Yet my left knee was still giving me a bit of trouble.

not sure running


Before assembling to my marathon starting point- I was full of doubt, worry and I had been having dreams about not finishing it. I had images of my knee going, me falling or just walking most of it. I came to a point where I did not want to do it! But I had paid for the event, I had told all my friends and client’s I was doing it and would feel a failure if I didn’t even try it. So I got dropped off by my husband so he could drive off and support me in the crowds further on.


these are real thoughts I had, I have split them up into the good the bad and the random! I am not crazy-well maybe a little 😉

The negative thoughts/the bad:

“Why did I decide to do a half marathon?”

“What made me want to do this?”

“Why did I not train earlier on, or attempt 13 miles before?”

“What if I pull a muscle and can’t finish it?”

“They make you wait a long time to start it”

“I’m so cold, I am cramping up already and it’s not even started”

“I can’t believe I forgot to bring my long sleeve top”

“Some of these people look professionals, I’m the only one with a hoody on!”

“my knee hurts…my knee knee hurts” -just 7 miles in

“It’s windy up here, ah crap is that rain?”-Just round the corner off Ringinglow Road

“Can’t believe how much my legs are cramping”

(after just thinking “Push for the last mile…come on..quicker”) “Oh sod that I’ll do it from when the crowds are bigger, I can’t sprint right now I have nothing left in me!”

“Man this is getting harder, I thought the hills were gone!”

“This downhill bit isn’t as long as I hoped!”

“I thought I could run quicker down hill but I can’t chuffing breathe!”

“What are these people giving out in bowls..damn I should have ran on that side of the road”

“I need to stop to stretch..stop stop! Owww! ”

“Oh no I forgot my gloves, my hands are so cold”

“Oh crap I forgot a bobble too!” -Whilst hair is wildly in my face

“Why am I smiling..stop smiling you look gay and gormy no doubt”

“Ah crap I missed the camera man, I will look a right mess on all these pictures!”

“I could NEVER do a full marathon..but half a marathon is a cop out is it?”

“Why didn’t I check that someone would run it with me first? Why did I do it on my own?”

“Oww my legs are in such much pain, I can’t do a full stride. I wanna walk now” -last 800m! But I didn’t walk I pushed through to the end!

“Why did I not wear ¾ trousers, I had to wear these shorts that keep riding up!”





The random thoughts:

“I wonder if anyone else shaved their knees or fake tanned their legs?!” -I shaved my legs which is what a female does when wearing shorts but I noticed a few hairs on my knees haha. I also tanned my legs as they were looking fairly pale!

“I like short shorts!”-in the sound of Bart Simpson

“YOU CAN DO IT!”-in the sound of the guy in Waterboy film

“Is that Becky..oh no she doesn’t live in Sheffield any more”

“Don’t stop in front of the fit guy, go faster-crap he’s looking, look down”

“I like her hair, wow it’s so neat how she has done that plait. Keep note of her try see if I get infront of her or get behind her” -I was always close to her but never infront of her!

“Wait a minute, we are going a different way..YES we are avoiding the mega steep hill I trained up!”

“Wonder where the sheep have gone from that field?”

“That water bottle guy clearly doesn’t wanna be here!”

“If I run like Phoebe from friends I wonder if it’ll help my knee”

“Use those glutes up this hill Leigh!”

“Show that hill what you’re made of” -thanks to help of the woman screaming at me on eccy road!

“Right on this hill I’ve gotta over take 3 people” -of course I did it!

“#One man and his dog..went to mow a meadow#” -As I see a farmer with his family and dog stood outside his house watching

“Did that woman just come out of her house-is she starting it half way round?!” -Upon realising that she just either dropped something off or put on a jacket

“I could so have a cup of tea right now” -after seeing a resident watching with a massive mug of tea

“My belly feels empty, I can’t remember the last time I felt like that”

“How did Dave and Ann get so quickly there?! Did they run it-if they did I must be really slow! Or maybe the course goes right out of the way.”

“5 miles per hour, eh that can’t be right? I was doing 10.30 minute miles, something’s up with this GPS” -on the finish line I had it set up on mountain biking not running!

“Ha ha that owner is trying to stop the dog from running with us..that would be so funny if pets could run it too”

“Is that a lama in that field?”

“Wonder if that guy sitting there planned to sit there for this or was just a coincidence that he is sat there on his own?”

“AS IF THEY ARE RUNNING WHILST HOLDING THAT THING! Is it not affecting their balance, surely their arms hurt too, wonder when they swap round?” -after seeing the mountain rescue guys pushing a trolley of some sort with a blow up doll in it

“where’s the TV Camera-if I see it wave and smile..or smile and thumbs just smile and run don’t make out like your looking for the camera…’smile and wave boys smile and wave’ haha I love that film.”

“Wow if she can run this I definitely can!” -having a very judgemental thought as I looked at an overweight and unfit looking lady

“haha why are men so competitive, can’t let a young lady overtake me!” -as an older gentleman barged past me in a sprint then slowed again after I just overtook him as he was in my way!

“God please let there be another bowl of jelly babies!” -there was 🙂


The positive thoughts/the good:

“That person’s sign is funny” -One said ‘there is a zombie behind you’ and one at the start said ‘Where are you all going?’

“Wow I’m keeping pace with this girl from a running club..WOO!”

“YAY DAVE AND ANN ARE THERE! Aaaahh they have done my logo! Hahaha”

“Wonder if people will see my sign and wonder what it is?”

“Ah that’s so nice that the local businesses have one of their workers doing it, wonder if they knew they route was coming up and decided to run it or they were running it then noticed their work was on route?!” -After seeing a cafe in Fullwood that had a sign up saying ‘Go Dave!’

“It is true you perform better infront of a crowd or just people watching, I’m feeling so strong”

“I’m not even out of breath yet, keep going!”

“Ah there are brass bands everywhere!” -takes headphones out to listen to them

“Wow look at these crowds, they are just so excited to cheer us on”

“As a child I remember watching the marathon and thinking I would NEVER in my life do one those…I’m doing it!”

“There are people cheering for us on this whole route-AWESOME! Don’t let em down”

“breathe in 2…3..breathe out 2…3…”

“Don’t stop on this hill until you’ve passed the timing thing for King of the hill”

“I wanna get a good time going up the hill even if I’m not the fastest..wonder if Ry got up this quick. Bet people watched him in awe sprinting up here.”

After just telling myself to stop smiling…“No keep smiling..what if there is a camera about, make it look like I’m not tired!”

“Don’t let the man down, he might turn around and check if I stop again” -after a kind man ran past me whilst I stopped to stretch and said ‘you’re doing well keep going’

“I am so doing this again next year!” -This thought was in the second mile and last mile, but not inbetween!

“Oh my life…10 miles..3 TO GO, 3 TO GO!”

“I’ve done this on my own! I planned for it, trained for it and did it on my own! Normally I’d want Dave holding my hand right up until I start but I did it even without him!”

“Push for the last mile…come on..quicker…”



“YES!” (don’t do a fist bump/rocky moment you’ll look gay-puts hands on head) “Wow I can’t believe I have actually done it..don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry..crap stop your GPS! Wonder what my time was? Think I did it around 2hrs 20 like planned? Wow so happy that is over! All that training and it’s done! I did it! Man I feel sick…chuffing nora my knee has gone..I am sooo cold! Where are the drinks…”


As you can see…I think ALOT! Maybe I overthink and I am little negative about myself but hey..I did it! What are your thoughts when you run? Do you have any good tips to stay positive and motivated? Are you as mad in your thoughts as I am?! For me I noticed I was a lot more positive than I normally am, I believe it’s all down the crowds. So a MASSIVE thanks to all the support on the sidelines you have no idea how much it helped! I would love to hear from you!

Healthy regards,

Leigh x x x


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