Exercising within a busy lifestyle

Can’t fit exercise within a busy lifestyle, or feel too tired after a busy day? “I’m too busy to exercise” is the most used EXCUSE ever used! I will always say I am too busy to exercise but I always manage to train at least once a week or do 5 minutes here and there. Below are 22 reasons why you can NEVER use that excuse AGAIN!


  1. You do not need to train for an hour or longer! Training more than an hour is for the athletes such as boxers, marathon runners, heptahletes etc. If you are training to just lose weight or improve fitness this can be done within even 30 minutes or less if you do a high intensity interval training=HIIT. Training longer than 60 minutes releases a hormone called cortisol (our stress hormone) which can make you gain weight especially around your abdomen area!
  2. Start with 10 minutes a day! If you wake up at 7am and go to bed at 10pm that is a 15 hour day (900 minutes a day); a ten minute workout is 1.1% of your day!
  3. Redefine ‘exercise’ for you! People that say the word ‘exercise’ normally shudder and thinking running outside or paying a lot of money to a gym they feel uncomfortable to go to! NO NO NO! Exercise can be anything from Pilates, walking, gardening, dancing, etc. Find something you enjoy (even shopping!) and you won’t see it as a chore or something you feel you have to fit in your life with!
  4. Use your diary! You plan in coffee meetings, holidays, chores, to do lists so why not book in your training session? Book it in advance and when people want to book you in during that time be strict and arrange it around your training.
  5. Set goals!
  6. Plan for quick meals! Have meals stocked up in the freezer for those unexpected busier days or have a list of meals that you know very well that don’t take long to do to give you more time.
  7. Set an alarm! Say if you want to relax and wind down rather than train, however long you plan to relax for take off ten minutes and use that time to train
  8. Include exercise within your everyday! Doing the hovering? Add lunges into your hovering! When cleaning windows use quick circles for toned arms, changing bedding shake the bedding up and down ten times first (good for core and arms when in a squatted position!) Taking toys or things upstairs? Run up and down one more time when doing so. When sat at your desk working do foot bounces or use your core to lift legs off the chair. Take the stairs and ditch the lift, even if it is for just one flight if you work in  23 storey building!
  9. Keep your to do list to 3 things! Make sure they are achievable and ask yourself if it is necessary?
  10. If you want serious change get up earlier! Again even if its 5-15 minutes earlier and doing just 20 squats or 10 press ups it is a great start!
  11. Get your gym clothes ready! If you plan to get up earlier in the morning to go to the gym or go for a run, lay out your clothes next to your bed on the floor or have your gym bag in the car ready to go straight from work.
  12. Use your work breaks! Go for a gentle walk whilst you eat a snack or just before you eat your lunch.
  13. PUT THAT CHOCOLATE BAR DOWN! You would need to eat a cleaner nutritious diet if you choose not to exercise, otherwise you can’t burn off those unhealthy, sugar filled treats. If you don’t have time to train you don’t have time to be unwell!
  14. Make your travel your workout! Can you cycle to work? Walk to the corner shop for milk rather than drive?
  15. Involve exercise in your child care! Rather than doing indoor activities with your children like watching TV, take them on a nature walk! Put on your waterproof clothes and splash in those puddles! A lot of people these days have slings, ever tried lunges or squats while carrying your child for killer legs bums and tums! email me for my free pram workout! email: leigh@utrainedpt.co.uk
  16. Exercise at home! Use home DVDs, youtube subscriptions, go up and down your stairs ten times..anything!
  17. Use a pedometer! See how many steps you do in a day, find out your average and see if you can increase it each day!
  18. Make exercise your social meet up! If your free time is seeing friends, ask them to go on a walk with you, go bowling, try a driving range anything that will keep you moving.
  19. Limit your media time! Watch TV for long periods? Watching funny videos or facebook stalking? Set a time limit each day to reduce the time you waster using your phone, tablet or computer (it will improve your sleep too). Try catching up with your TV shows whilst you walk uphill on the treadmill!
  20. Book in with a Personal Trainer! You wouldn’t cancel a dentist or doctor appointment at last minute due to being too busy would you? Exercising is just as important for your health. So why not use a personal Trainer to motivate you and make sure you actually train! Plus you wouldn’t want a cancellation fee would you? 😉
  21. Say no! Ask yourself do you need to go meet that friend you saw 3 days ago for another coffee? Do you need to go to that wedding of that person you barely know? Are you just trying to please everyone than actually WANTING to do what you have planned? Figure out what is necessary, where can you make more free time? Saying yes to someone mean saying no to yourself; saying no to yourself means you can feel stressed, not be relaxed and it can affect the friends and family around you.
  22. Exercise gives you strength and energy! In the long term your strength and fitness increases when you exercise (even just for 30 minutes 3 times a week). Boost your energy so you can do tasks quicker or keep you going for longer!

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