Exercising within a busy lifestyle

Can't fit exercise within a busy lifestyle, or feel too tired after a busy day? "I'm too busy to exercise" is the most used EXCUSE ever used! I will always say I am too busy to exercise but I always manage to train at least once a week or do 5 minutes here and there. … Continue reading Exercising within a busy lifestyle



We all have an ‘ideal body’ we desire, but I want to encourage you to LOVE YOUR BODY! So many people, including supermodels, have things they want to improve or change about themselves. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to want to improve yourself; however it is wrong when it’s unrealistic or you become … Continue reading LOVE YOUR BODY!

Get rid of your belly fat!

Tried everything to shift or get rid of that belly, gut, spare tyre or whatever else is your nickname for that extra fat carried on your stomach? (No gimmicks, subscription fees, pills, strict diets or exercise equipment sold here!) This post describes the cause of our much hated belly fat and how to reduce or … Continue reading Get rid of your belly fat!

How to stay motivated

Do you find it difficult to stay motivated to go to the gym, eat healthy, quit smoking etc etc?! Well this post gives you ideas or tips on how to keep committed and determined!   Don’t change everything at once! At new year we are all guilty of setting many resolutions like drink more water, … Continue reading How to stay motivated

Overcoming exercise barriers

We’ve all had our reasons not to exercise, so this post looks at how to overcome these ‘reasons’! I’ve been there before, after a long stressful day at work the last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym and exercise! But the times I ignored that feeling and went to the gym, … Continue reading Overcoming exercise barriers