Exercising within a busy lifestyle

Can't fit exercise within a busy lifestyle, or feel too tired after a busy day? "I'm too busy to exercise" is the most used EXCUSE ever used! I will always say I am too busy to exercise but I always manage to train at least once a week or do 5 minutes here and there. … Continue reading Exercising within a busy lifestyle


Get rid of your belly fat!

Tried everything to shift or get rid of that belly, gut, spare tyre or whatever else is your nickname for that extra fat carried on your stomach? (No gimmicks, subscription fees, pills, strict diets or exercise equipment sold here!) This post describes the cause of our much hated belly fat and how to reduce or … Continue reading Get rid of your belly fat!

Goal setting and weight loss

Setting a goal for weight loss can be daunting, this post gives you help in making your personal goals become reality.   We all have goals or things we want,  to look like Jennifer Aniston, have a defined stomach, lose two stone, fit in your clothes etc etc. But most of the time we don't achieve … Continue reading Goal setting and weight loss

How & why to keep a food diary

Keeping a  food diary has many benefits, one of which is that it helps you in your weight loss, so here's some advice on how you can complete one. Check out this document for free FOOD DIARY TEMPLATES! Remember the benefits of keeping a diary- you acknowledge what you're eating, helps you identify what triggers any poor food … Continue reading How & why to keep a food diary

Top 10 tips for losing weight!

I'm not here to tell you about a new amazing diet, program or pill; but I can give you TEN TOP TIPS FOR LOSING WEIGHT!  I'm regularly asked what's the best way to lose weight? Really they want to know the fastest and easiest way! There are so many diets, plans, shakes, pills etc that promises … Continue reading Top 10 tips for losing weight!